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Involve learners, parents in new curriculum: President


President Robert Mugabe says the new curriculum should not be imposed on learners and parents but should be a product by all stakeholders involved in the education sector.


Speaking during the official opening of the 3rd Education Conference and expo 2017 in Harare, President Mugabe said changing the curriculum was a delicate matter that should not be done by individuals.

This was in apparent reference to the new curriculum being run by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education that has of late been criticised by stakeholders including teacher organisations.

“Changing a curriculum is a delicate matter and indeed a cooperative venture that can’t  can’t be done by an individual.It is a curriculum for us all to build the leaders of tomorrow and can’t be an individual matter. It requires co-operation, even learners, even the parents and communities must participate and be able to embrace it,” he said.

Earlier this year,some teacher organisations blasted government for rushing to implement the new education curriculum without proper consultations with stakeholders.

President Mugabe said teachers must not be threatened with innovation and should make use of new technologies.

Over seven thousand participants from across the country are attending the 3rd education conference and expo. They include Ministers of Education and directors from Cuba, Australia, Korea and Botswana.

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