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Jealous ones still envy Episode! Ft ASAPH and Faa


This Week on Keep it Real Fridays!

In the news! SELETINE (Social Architect) & Brian Willis (No relation to Bruce!) and take a look at politically charged hip hop song releases; weekend event forecast; Dopeboy Duppy diss aimed at R.Peels, Dexter Basiq having some bars for Monkey Bznz?

King of Bulawayo rap; Asaph pops in to talk success of his chart topping hit “Mambo”; his complicated relationship with Cal_vin; music creative process; blogging a** n***!; his relationship with Tehn & BegottenSun; why he would have no problem wifing his boss’s Ex and so much more!

This Week`s Playlist:

Dru Da Innovator – Tora Mari

King ED (ft. Will Broad & Dough Major) – Revelation: Letter To The Minister

ASAPH – Burg Sosh

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