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July 31 Protests Are Banned – Government

Home Affairs Minister, Kazembe Kazembe has warned that those disregarding Government warning on planned 31 July demonstrations will be met by the full wrath of the law.

Addressing Journalists Harare, Kazembe said the planned July 31 demonstrations are banned and people should continue with their day to day duties.

“Government wishes to let the people of Zimbabwe know that the intended reckless ‘demonstrations’ of 31 July 2020 are banned and that the people should continue to enjoy their peace and security on the day. Anyone who disregards this warning and proceeds to join the planned insurrection to steal power, will be met by the full wrath of the law,” said Kazembe

The Minister said the demonstrations are not about anti-corruption but were a regime change agenda by the opposition MDC Alliance.

“Government rejects that 31 July is about anti-corruption or about other well-meant intention. Government has already demonstrated its unflinching commitment to fight against corruption. 31 July is a planned insurrection and a naked, illegal and unconstitutional attempt to seize power. It is about the MDC Alliance attempting to seize power and violently overturn the people’s verdict of 31 July 2018” said the Minister

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner General, Godwin Matanga has said police have not received notification of the demonstrations and none of those sought by police have showed up.

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“As far as I know there was no notification of the demonstration from the organisers. Even those on the police wanted list have not shown up.” said Matanga

The Government warning comes at a time political activists mainly from the opposition are in hiding amid reports that some have been receiving threats from unknown people.

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