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Local Animator, British Council Collaborate On New Animated TV Series

Youth-led multimedia company, Kakic Universe has collaborated with the British Council in its latest offering called “Journey of the Forsaken,” an animated series set to hit the screens soon.

The offering which wades into the plight of men in modern society constitutes eight episodes.

Detailing the series in an interview with this publication “Journey of the Forsaken” creator and Kakic Universe founder Kudakwashe Maxwell said, “(it) explores how hard it is for vulnerable young boys to get the appropriate support that they need. Just because they are male they are simply expected to be “strong” regardless of what they go through and then somehow society is surprised when the same young men end up in crime or displaying toxic behavior.”

The 3D animated series was also written by Maxwell. It features character voices of Kuda Rice, Elaine Lenny Manyika, Takudzwa Goniwa, Louisa Mwatse, Anopa Maisiri Charles, Philani Ama Kinyabo, Sam Magaya, Tariro Paul Makanha, Robyn Denise Ebenezer Maxwell and Amanda Mak.

“Journey of the Forsaken” is supported by the British Council Cultural Economy programme which supports cultural organisations, festivals, artists, and creatives in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Speaking on his experience during this production, Maxwell said, “I gained further appreciation of art and how we as people interpret it. As the writer i had a specific narrative and message that i wanted to push across with my script however, after going through the script, the cast would deduce amazing facts and conclusions from the story that i had never thought of.

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“They started seeing connections within the story relating with the characters and engaged with the stories in ways that i never thought were possible. This is the cast of the show, imagine what the rest of the world will do when they engage with it?” said Maxwell.

The first 3 episodes will be available for free on YouTube, the rest of the season will be on pay per view sites such as gateway stream.

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