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Mahere Opts Out of By-Election, Citing Unchanged Conditions

Former Mount Pleasant, Fadzayi Mahere, has made a firm decision not to run in the upcoming by-election set for April 27.

Mahere resigned from parliament in solidarity with former Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa who quit the party. His resignation followed intense leadership squabbles in the party pitting him and self proclaiming CCC interim secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu which led to the recall of many party legislators, and local council representatives

In a statement released via social media platform X, Mahere expressed her unwavering stance, citing persisting issues that initially prompted her resignation from Parliament.

“After many consultations and personal reflection, I have decided that I will not be running in the upcoming by-election. The conditions that drove me to resign in the first place have not changed,” said Mahere

Mahere’s decision stems from what she perceives as the continued disregard for the electorate’s voice and the erosion of democratic principles within the Zimbabwean Parliament.

“The reasons for my resignation include the gross disrespect of the votes cast by citizens in August 2023, the refusal by the Speaker to hear argument on points of national interest, hijacking of the whipping system, the refusal by the Speaker to entertain points of order on sensitive matters, the unleashing of violent riot police to attack opposition MPs during parliamentary sessions, the illegal recall of opposition MPs, the banning of opposition candidates, the disregard of standing orders and parliamentary privilege, the selective application of parliamentary rules, the repeated illegal suspensions of MPs and the hijacking of the opposition parliamentary caucus,” she said

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She further highlighted her dismay at the inclusion of individuals she considers complicit in undermining democratic processes, questioning the legitimacy of their representation in the august house.

“In fact, we see the further desecration of the August House by the swearing in of characters such as Sengezo Tshabangu who were front and center of spitting on the will of the people,” Mahere said.

Despite withdrawing from electoral participation, she reiterated her dedication to championing the cause of a truly democratic Zimbabwe, promising to remain actively engaged in advancing the interests of ordinary citizens.

“I maintain that, in its current form, Parliament does not represent the will of the people. I remain committed to the cause of a truly democratic Zimbabwe and will remain active, engaged, and vocal on the issues that matter to the common person,” Mahere said.

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