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Major boost for Chinyaradzo Children’s home

CHINYARADZO Children’s home received a major boost on Friday, after the Swiss Embassy, Bata Shoe Company and Nestle Zimbabwe donated an assortment of goods and foodstuffs worth thousands of dollars.

By Chipo Majuta

Addressing the media, during the handover ceremony, Chinyaradzo Home Centre Manager Irene Karadzandima, said the increasing number of orphans coupled with economic hardships has seen the centre  operating under a difficult environment.

The donation comes at a time when the centre has been revamped from the dormitory  model to a more formal and welcoming model.

“Children used to live in dormitories but we have now established  and introduced  a family structure.

“This new system brought a paradigm shift in terms of boosting a sense of oneness, trust, openness and improved communication. I has  enhanced  togetherness among our children,” Karadzandima explained.

“The dormitory model made it difficult for the children to be individually treated, she added.

Karadzandima said the increased donor fatigue is indirectly hindering the day to day activities at the centre.

“Most of the children are advancing towards the age of 18  and upon reaching that age it is a prerequisite that they leave the centre but in most circumstances these kids do not have anywhere to go,” she said

Going forward Karadzandima said, “the institution needs to establish an entrepreneurial approach  so as  to equip  outgoing children with  life skills that will help them after they leave the institution.”

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The children’s home which was established in 1962, is currently running  a poultry project, a vegetable garden and an infant school to generate income.

Bata Shoe Company donated 60 pairs of shoes while  Nestle donated breakfast cereals and the Swiss Embassy gave the pupils  clothes and groceries.

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