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Mannex and Zimreggastra Take Reggae Uptown


One of Zimbabwe’s top reggae crooners, Emmanuel Motsi aka Mannex and his Zimreggestra band will be taking his ground breaking act uptown at the PaPosition Bar and Lounge in Avondale this Friday, 22 June, 2018.

Mannex, who used to perform with legendary reggae band, Transit Crew, as a lead singer, promised to put up a polished act at the venue where he is set to perform for the first time.

“When I do music I do it from the soul, for the people. It’s my mission to bring a message of life and hope to the people. Reggae is for everyone, for every occasion. You have to come and see for yourself,” said Mannex.

Mannex and Zimreggestra band manager, Tatenda Chimanga aka Sisqo Lion, said that the Friday act will also feature Mannex on the percussion and guitar.

“All along, we’ve been pushing the envelope. We are taking Zimbabwean original reggae sound to a whole new level. The response so far has been great. We are not copycatting, especially, on the new songs that we are cooking and brewing,” said Sisqo Lion.

The Mannex and Zimreggestra act has been performing mainly at high density spots like Mabvuku, Tafara, Rugare among others and is now upping the ante by taking the act to revellers who would not otherwise have been able to go to the far flung venues.


“We want to bring reggae back to everybody but in our own version. We believe that real reggae has a place in Zimbabwean people’s hearts and that’s why we are on a mission to take it far and wide,” said Mannex.

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”It’s going to be a whole different reggae experience. We are promising all the uptowners fireworks. Through our meticulous act we are striving to bring a new breath of air in the entertainment sphere in Zimbabwe. At the same time, we are blurring the illusionary lines between downtown and uptown by bring our music to all the audiences.

Mannex and his Zimreggestra bring a charisma and energy on stage that is so intense that with better outreach they stand to attract greater audiences to their shows. In May, the band performed at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA), a recognition of the band’s reggae prowess.

According to Mannex, the vision of the band is to celebrate the African culture and way of life and bring families and their visions together.

He added that he will also sample some music which will form part of an album project that the band is currently working on.


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