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MCAZ Approves Use Of Hemp Based Medicines

Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) has approved the use of hemp-based complementary medicines in the country.

According to MCAZ, licensed cannabis, hemp producers, manufacturers, importers/exporters, and retail pharmacies are required to apply for registration before they could start l distributing the hemp products.

“These include submission of an application for registration (dossier ) in line with the complementary medicines, submission of product samples, submission of certificates of analysis from an accredited laboratory specifying the quantities of the moieties of cannabidiols and any traces of tetrahydrocannabinols as part of the information dossier,” reads part of the circular from MCAZ.

“Clearly specifying the indications, warnings, and contraindications among other information as product information in line with the complementary medicine guideline. Satisfactory inspection of the manufacturing site by the MCAZ inspectorate to ensure that the site complies with Good Manufacturing Practices for the manufacture of complementary medicines. , payment of complementary medicines product application fees as gazetted,” added MCAZ.

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