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MDC Alliance Calls Ministry Of Local Govt To Order


Opposition MDC Alliance has blamed Government interference in council operations for poor service delivery currently being experienced by most cities and towns in the country.

Since March 2020, Harare has lost 24 MDC Alliance Councilors to recalls by the Douglas Mwonzora led MDC-T while the Special Anti-corruption unit has pounced on some leaving Council meetings paralyzed.

MDC Alliance secretary for local Government and rural development Sesel Zvidzai singled out local Government Minister July Moyo and the Provincial Development Coordinator, Tafadzwa Muguti for causing disruption of service and meetings at Town House.

“The Minister of Local government must immediately stop interfering with the activities at Harare and let the City to employ qualified managers and Directors. The Provincial Development Coordinator, Mr. Muguti should stop giving illegal orders to Council, causing disruption of Council meetings and let Council sit and exercise its oversight role on staff and make decisions for the good of the people.

“The Minister should lift the suspension of Mayor Mafume and His Deputy, we simply cannot afford to set Harare on autopilot for a single day without unbearable consequences. Alternatively, the disciplinary processes should be completed expeditiously. The Mayor, who we know is innocent can get back to work,” said Zvidzai.

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He lamented the mass recalls of councilors as a yawning gap that can lead to more deaths as a result of waterborne diseases.

“The gap caused by the illegal recalls of councilors is yawning widely. This has to be filled as a matter of urgency. Consequently, the illegal recalls should be reversed or by-elections should be run as soon as the COVID19 challenges are manageable. And these can be done with strict adherence to the World Health Organisation recommended protocols. Ironically failure to plug this yawning gap can lead to more deaths to Cholera and other gastrointestinal diseases which thrive during and post periods of heavy rains.

“All councilors, and staff who have been barred from going to council should have their cases expeditiously dealt with at the courts or in internal processes so as to bring matters to finality for the good of council and the people. Weaponizing law to score cheap political points should just stop forthwith. No Councilor should be arrested or charged for simply attending a Committee or Full Council meetings,” he said.

Zvidzai said a timeline for bringing back normalcy to the sunshine City must be sculpted and implemented.

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