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MDC Mourns Kwekwe Accident Victims

The Movement of Democratic Change (MDC) has joined the country in mourning seven people who perished in an accident a few kilometres outside Kwekwe.

MDC Secretary for Transport, Settlement Chikwinya said in a statement.

“The MDC expresses its deepest condolences to the bereaved families of the deceased passengers in the ZUPCO bus disaster that occurred a few kilometers outside Kwekwe on Monday” said Chikwinya

He wished the injured a speedy recovery and called on medical institutions to assist despite being a few.

“The MDC wishes the injured a speedy recovery and hopes that the skeletal hospital staff at our government medical institutions would find it in their hearts to assist” he said

Chikwinya castigated Permanent Secretary of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services over remarks that he made following the tragedy.

“We in the MDC continue to believe that such accidents are avoidable if the government would observe set out procedures of ensuring that all passenger vehicles are road-worthy. The argument currently proffered by government spokesperson Mr. Nick Mangwana that the bus was “newish” and hence did not require any Inspection by VID is not only insensitive to the situation at hand but speaks to an uncaring government that has no sense of imagination and appreciation of how dangerous an un-roadworthy vehicle can be to passengers and other road users,”

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He added “The MDC reiterates its position that due to the high costs of medical care for the injured and funeral costs for the deceased and more so the costs of keeping up the families of those left behind by the deceased, a Road Accident Victims Fund should be actualised without delay to take care of costs for the victims of such circumstances. This call has been made since 2018 but the current uncaring government continued to ignore such a genuine policy that will ensure some modicum of care to victims of road accidents.”

Seven people lost their lives whilst several others were injure after the bus they were travelling in developed a mechanical fault and rammed into a private car and a commuter omnibus before hitting a tree.

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