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Mhondoro-Ngezi Leading COVID-19 Vaccination Statistics

Ministry of Health and Child Care has confirmed that Mhondoro-Ngezi is leading in terms of vaccination with 90 percent of the population in that area having been inoculated.

Speaking during the media training on outbreaks and immunisation, Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager in the Ministry of Health and Child Care Israel Chabata said well-structured disease prevention and control strategies are making it easier for the Ministry to work with.

“The area also has a lot of companies hence they make it one of their major requirements if you work there,” said Chabata.

“Leadership in the local communities made it mandatory for the people to get vaccinated to access services and show loyalty to their leadership,” he added.

Meanwhile, Manicaland has overtaken Bulawayo in terms of vaccination statistics leading with 774 000 on the second dose as of 30 Sept 2022.

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