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Mixed Feelings Over ED’s Davos Trip


President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s trip to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum and his remarks on the gukurahundi atrocities have received mixed feelings from people who hailed his approach to economic development while calling for closure on the hotly contested Matebeleland disturbances.

In an interview with a number of people in Harare, they hailed Mnangagwa’s open door approach to foreign direct investment urging Zimbabwe’s new leader to focus nation building and economic development for the benefit of the masses.

“The national healing process was completed far back on the Unity Accord, we trust the Ndebele leadership that engineered that Unity Accord, the President cannot walk door to door preaching sorry to all the victims, or to go and say sorry at an international economic forum, we are one people, let’s move forward,” said Njabulo Nyathi.

Pardon Dzangare had this to say, “Listening to this (Mnangagwa’s) interview, you will finally appreciate the damage and bad publicity that Mugabe had brought to this nation on the eyes of the world.

“ED is no saint as well, as he was part of the group but I would blame Mugabe more as he was the captain of the ship.

“ED was caught off guard by some of the questions when all he was expecting to be saying was “we are now open for business”. Journalist got a bit personal too…. Well tried but he indeed had a torrid time.”

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Commenting on the 263Chat Facebook page where Mnangagwa’s speech was live-streamed, Douglas Letsholathebe said he was hopeful that Mnangagwa will take Zimbabwe out of the current economic challenges.

“I now have hope. Good luck Zimbabweans in your journey to the promised land you guys are hard workers and very intelligent, you deserve better. God bless Zimbabwe,” said Letsholathebe.

Another commentator, Harry Will Smith said, “I think he has and talks sense and sensibility. I hope it is implemented as a new beginning to express the theory of reciprocal embrace.”

“I am so happy to read these comments folks and get to know about your positive and forward thinking nature. I am proud of you all my dear countrymen for thinking alike and encouraging each other to be reasonable and aim to do our best to rebuild our country and make it a better place for ourselves and our future generations to come.”

“Wow what a tough nerve wracking 33 mins but l must say l am proud of my President a leader who is willing to face the tough questions and open to engage l can already see a better Zimbabwe let’s unite my people and come up with policies that will heal our nation Zimbabwe is open for business from Zimbabweans too iwe neni tine basa,” commented Linda Makuyana Ncube.

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During a question and answer session with BBC journalist Zainab Badawi, Mnangagwa said the next elections will be held earlier than July.

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