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‘Mugabe Fearful’

Former minister of Finance and Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader, Dr Simba Makoni made a derisive attack on his former boss President Mugabe, describing him as  the most fearful person in the country.

Dr Makoni made these remarks in an exclusive interview with 263chat. He said fear has made Mugabe to clinch on to power.

“Mugabe  does not want to account for what he has done weather it is Gukurahandi, Murambatsvina, short sleeve and long sleeve,” he said adding that once Mugabe leaves power he will be tasked to account for gross human rights violations.

“Mugabe fears real democracy,” Makoni claimed.

Makoni, who broke ranks with Zanu PF a few months before the 2008 polls, said that the president Mugabe might be taken to task over how he has acquired the assets registered in his name.

“Once he leaves office Mugabe will be compelled to answer on how he has acquired his assets.


He added,  “For 36 years Mugabe has not stopped at a traffic light and when he leaves office he will have to stop and this is what he does not want.

Makoni vowed that Mugabe will never name a successor as long as he lives.

“He (Mugabe) does not want to name a successor because he wants no successor, he wants to die in office,” fumed Makoni.

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He added that President Mugabe is not concerned about what happens after he dies.

“If he names a successor he will create a basis for people to organise an uprising against him .”

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