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Mugabe Is Not Safe:Moyo


Self exiled ,former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister ,Jonathan Moyo, who has been critical of the President Emmerson Mnangagwa administration has once again accused the president of lying to the world that former President, Robert Mugabe is safe.

Moyo, in an interview with SABC,said contrary to what Mnangagwa is telling the world ,that the Mugabe family is safe, the former president and his close relatives are being subjected to daily harassment by the “junta government”

“President Mugabe is not safe how can he be safe after he was forced to resign, you should know that he was forced to sign a resignation letter. Mnangagwa told the African Union that President Mugabe (former) is safe and secure, that is not true and he was applauded for that, which is very bad.

“He also said he is working very hard to preserve the legacy of Mugabe and he is doing the opposite, they are harassing the President’s family on a daily basis.

“Mnangagwa is panicking since he has something he knows that many other people do not know about his illegitimate and he is trying to convince them that he is legitimate,” said Moyo.



Moyo said the international community should not be fooled by Mnangagwa, whom he has on several occasions, accused of running an illegitimate government , after taking power from Mugabe , in what has been describe as a bloodless coup on November 15 last year.

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Moyo added that the international community should instead, listen to the needs of Zimbabweans, whom he believe dislike the former Vice President.


“He (Mnangagwa) is telling a lot of lies . He is humiliating the former President . He is lying that he had a phone call on November 28, that is just a lie,” fumed the former Information Minister.

“What he doesn’t understand is that while he was held up somewhere making that call the president was not alone he must know that.

“The AU and SADC need to make their own decisions and not rely on what coup makers say. The people of Zimbabwe are the ones suffering form the after effects of the coup.

He said the only legitimate way of finding what happened during the ‘coup” is to have a fact-finding mission to investigate the victims of the coup.

“We cant have all these conclusions that it was a bloodless coup if Zimbabwe managed to do it why can’t other countries do it,” Moyo said.

President Mnangagwa was sworn as the third president of the country on 24 November, after taking over from Mugabe,albeit  through the help of the army, who had ruled the country since independence in 1980.

He has since promised to move away from the old Mugabe ideologies while promising a new lease of life for the country which has been facing an economic turmoil for close to two decades.

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