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‘Mwonzora has lost the plot’

Opposition leader Herbert Chamuka has castigated MDC-T Leader Douglas Mwonzora for destroying the values of opposition movements in Zimbabwe after his infamous grab of the party.

Mwonzora was embroiled in a bitter fight with nemesis, Nelson Chamisa over the leadership of the MDC-T party , which the former won after a bruising court battle.

After taking over, Mwonzora has been failing to bring the opposition party to its former glory while other believe he is too sympathetic to ZanuPF.

Critics says Mwonzora is failing to steer the ship in the right direction while betraying what the founder and former leader, Morgan Tsvangirai stood for.

“Mwonzoroa has nothing to offer who came from nowhere to lead the party. He was just a lawyer who had nothing to show to lead that party. He should have let Elias Mudzuri take the reigns because he is a decorated leader who has shown maturity. He is one person whom I have strong beliefs in, if he was to invite me for a coalition, I would gladly join him.

“People should follow leaders with dignity and desist from being swayed by money. Right now, the MDC-T looks like an extension of ZanuPF all because of greed,” Chamuka said.

Last week, Mudzuri and other members who broke away from the MDC-T described the party’s national congress held in December last year as a non-event accusing Mwonzora of violating the party constitution.

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“In the recent past one, Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora abused the party Constitution by implementing unconstitutional processes which culminated in the installation of the party leadership through an illegible group of people outside the national congress as mandated by the party constitution. This was a blatant attempt by Douglas Mwonzora to attempt to take over the party through an unconstitutional process,” Mudzuri told journalists

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