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Nurses Bemoan Deteriorating Health Delivery System

Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZNA) president Enock Dongo has bemoaned the deteriorating public health delivery system in the country blaming it on neglect by the government and mass exodus of personnel to greener pastures.

In an interview, Dongo said staff shortages were more acute at the two major hospitals in Bulawayo, Mpilo Central Hospital and United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH).

“The health sector is going down and the infrastructure is not up to standard and renovations are not being done. Complaints to access health facilities are too many among the patients and the health personnel,” Dongo said.

He blamed government for neglecting the health sector by failing to purchase new equipment for major hospitals making the work of health workers difficult.

“There are no resources and machines are old and there has not been any purchase for the last three to four years for major hospitals. There is a need for modern machines like X-rays, scans among others,” Dongo said.

“It is sad that in public hospitals, simple drugs like paracetamol and painkillers are inaccessible. It becomes difficult when patients are transferred from places like Tshelanyemba, Mtshabezi, and Plumtree, among others and they don’t have relatives in the city and they are told to buy medication that they don’t afford, it’s a dire situation that needs attention,” he added.

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Dongo said due to poor remuneration, nurses were migrating to other countries while some were moving to the private sector.

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