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One on One with Peaceful Chimbwanda, Founder & C.E.O Propertyend.com

Since the inception of internet, a number of global businesses have been built from scratch, to turn out to multi trillion-dollar businesses with footprints all over the world. One advantage of internet is that you easily scale up your business into a global entity. The internet has resulted in the rise of Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, YouTube and other world known tech companies.Peaceful Chimbwanda (Ncube) saw an opportunity out of challenges in finding a property back home and in 2000, he founded Propertyend.com.


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Well, the idea emerged in the year 2000 when I was looking for a property to buy in Zimbabwe.” Peaceful recalls. Whilst in the diaspora, finding reliable sources on the internet to achieve my quest was challenging. There was very little information on the World Wide Web about properties in Zimbabwe at the time. I needed an e-platform that would provide me with information, and connect me with local estate agents or genuine and honest property sellers; hence the beginning of my idea to set up an online property networking platform.”

Peaceful, the C.E.O of Propertyend.com was born in Mutoko, Zimbabwe in 1979. He schooled at Nyadire High School in Mutoko before emigrating to the USA in 1998 where he studied Architectural Studies at Franklin Institute of Boston and Management Information Systems at Bridgewater State University. He then emigrated to the UK in 2005 where he is currently settled with his family. He is happily married with two beautiful daughters. Peaceful started his business hoping that he would find more people facing challenges in finding properties back home, however he this did not make his start up journey an easy one as his idea was received with mixed feelings. “Convincing people in any group to buy your idea can be challenging due to people’s various experiences and perceptions. Whilst some easily adopt new ideas, others are sceptical; others become helpful stakeholders whereas some reject the idea,” said Peaceful.When he had the idea, he started putting together the information on a single e-page using the skills he had gained from his studies in Management Information.

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Through networking, he met other people with skills in IT and Designing and they helped to shape the e-page into a website overtime. However, regardless of such challenges and humble beginnings, Propertyend.com has grown into is an online World Wide Web platform that links property sellers, buyers, property owners and tenants. “Propertyend.com aims to provide all potential property buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants with an exceptional property search service. The property portal website allows regulated estate agents and property developers to register and list properties for sale or to rent across Africa. This user-friendly property search platform makes it easy for home hunters to find their dream homes,” explained Propertyend.com CEO.“Working away from home has given me a lot of exposure about markets, different cultures and support in expanding my idea. It has also helped me to look at things both objectively and subjectively,” Peaceful said.

Peaceful also faced challenges such as finding honest and trustworthy people to work with. He advised young and aspiring entrepreneurs to solve problems and stay persistent on their vision. “To the young and aspiring entrepreneurs out there, wherever there is a problem, think about the solution not just for yourself, but for others too. Also, remember when you stick to your vision and you do not give up despite the odds, your hard work and commitment will eventually pay off,” he added.

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