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Opinion: The Most Impressive Airline

Embraer ERJ145 registered Z-FJH

For some time I have debated whether I would be able to talk openly and honestly on public platforms as well be able to give endorsements having coleagues, friends, family and future travellers to Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 having been in the Tourism Industry for over half my life, 25yrs to be exact as I am now 43years old.

By Blessing Munyenyiwa

Seeing Tourism grow again has been music to many in The Tourism Industry’s ears. As we grow, our agents all over the world are often asking which regional Airline can we depend on most and I have to honestly and openly tell you Fastjet.

During my 25years experience in the Tourism Industry of which 21years were here in Zimbabwe while 4 years were working for one of the world’s best Tourism company “Disney World and Disney Cruise Line” in Florida USA. So from a service platform, safety, efficiency and reliability, I rate Fastjet as # 1 Airline connecting Zimbabwe to South Africa and shortly to Botswana.

Fastjet’s success is in being able to listen and take advise from numerous Tourism Players. Fastjet has several daily flights between Johannesburg and Harare daily, Johannesburg and Victoria Falls daily, Victoria Falls and Nelspruit three times weekly and in just over a week will launch Victoria Falls to Maun in Botswana. Having flown Fastjet numerous times myself from one of my favorite flights we had two female pilots fly us to the service of the hosts and hostesses, I have nothing but positive recommendations to travelers now and in the future when traveling through Zimbabwe regionally and also domestically where they do daily flights too between Harare and Vic Falls as well Harare and Bulawayo.

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With my endorsement of Fastjet as the most reliable airline, I wish to just put accross to its ownership and management to once again become not only the best Airline but also most affordable with the ever rising airfares, if you are able to achieve that for your travelers, you will win the hearts and support of many. Congratulations on your continued success Fastjet and recommend you to the world as Zimbabwe’s best domestic and regional airline. Book your flights directly at www.fastjet.com

*Blessing Munyenyiwa is the Founder & Managing Director of Love For Africa*

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