Opposition Leader Allege Police Harassment In Gweru

Ideas Party of Democracy (IPD) leader, Herbert Chamuka has alleged his party members were spied on by alleged state security agencies in Gweru, 263Chat has learnt.

Chamuka further alleged that his Vice President, Dumisani  Mathe was also followed by an unmarked vehicle before speeding off which caused a near road accident.

IPD is currently holding its congress in the Midlands.

Speaking to 263Chat, Chamuka said his members are still shocked and traumatized from the events but reaffirmed that the conference will go ahead.

“As we were handing over party regalia to our party members in Gweru, a man on a motorcycle arrived and said he wanted to join the IPD party and we said he should be given a registration card but I hadn’t seen that he was capturing us, our regalia, our car and our faces.

“He was photographing us without our consent, we do not know where he will take those pictures to and why he was doing it. This is wrong, we suspect it is the CIO trying to intimidate us and scare us from holding our congress,” Chamuka narrated.

“After that, just as we were leaving Gweru, there was a twin cab that disturbed our vice president comrade Dumisani Mathe such that the car almost fell over,” alleged Chamuka.

He noted that the party got police clearance to hold its congress and is adhering to COVID-19 protocols hence there is no need to be harassed.

He noted that his members are now living in fear that the images may be used to stalk them.

“We were given the go-ahead from the police to launch our party and have our congress and we are adhering to the 100 people dictate as per the COVID-19 laws so we shouldn’t be scared off,” Chamuka

He said state security must allow for political freedoms if President Emmerson Mnangagwa regime is to appeal to the international community.

“We are asking from the CIO that they shouldn’t have anything to do with the IPD because IPD has got nothing to do with fighting the government, it’s a party that is concerned about how to get rid of the sanctions and we are not against the Mr Mnangagwa or ZanuPF but we are following the country’s constitution that says whoever wants to form a party can form and our party has been helping people for a long time in Zimbabwe like operation torasaga tiende,” Chamuka added.

Chamuka appealed to the police and other parties to desist from violence ahead of the 2023 elections.

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