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Organization Sets June As Men’s Month

A local charity organisation, Angels Foundation Zimbabwe says it will launch the Men’s Month in June to celebrate the sacrifices of men in society.

Angels Foundation says the Men’s Month will will be celebrated annually from this year going forward.

Speaking to a local publication, Edmore Munyoro said men, in general have poor health-seeking behavior and the launch of the Men’s Month is meant to address the problem.

“Angels Foundation Zimbabwe has chosen June because of Father’s day that is celebrated yearly in that month as the organization aims to raise awareness of men’s health, mental health, and well-being and encourage men to seek help in time rather than when it’s too late. As most men don’t seek health or mental health services in time, it has led to many lives being lost as many times the disease/condition will have advanced, eg cancer or when a life is lost to suicide,” said Munyoro.

As part of the events to launch the Men’s Month, the organisation will hold a marathon on Saturday 18 June 2022 and a health talk session later on the same day.

According to Angels Zimbabwe Foundation, both events will have health checks for men as part of the package.

“The 2022 theme is “Don’t let masculinity cloud your health decisions. Speak out, share, and get help.” The organization shall be focusing on raising awareness of prostate cancer and mental health through sharing important literature on social media from May to the end of June. Angels Foundation Zimbabwe hopes that men will attend both events and learn about prostate cancer and mental health as well as seek help if they need it,” the organisation said.

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