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Palestine Stands With Zim On Call To Remove Sanctions

The Embassy of the Stae of Palestine says it stands in solitary with the people of Zimbabwe in calling for the removal of sanctions imposed by the western powers which it says have caused untold suffering to millions of Zimbabweans.

Speaking to journalists after covering the International Day in Solidarity with the people of Palestine, Ambassador Tamar Almassri said his government has been vocal about the need to remove the sanctions as they are anti-progress.

He said just like the continued occupation of Palestine by Israel, the sanctions are an injustice to the people whose livelihoods are affected daily.

“We continue to call for removing these sanctions as they have failed. We should call for their removal today and not tomorrow. We stand with our comrades in the government of Zimbabwe and the people in general. They bear the burden of such injustices,” he said.

Ambassador Almassri further thanked the people of Zimbabwe for solidity standing behind the state of Palestine in its quest for freedom from the Israeli occupation. A local church organised the commemorations of the solidarity day, a move which the diplomat said was unifying and added to the growing calls for Palestine’s freedom.

“We thank the church for organising this event and helping with prayers for Palestine. This is important because Palestine is the Holy country of Jesus Christ. We cannot ignore the fact that Christians and Palestinians are suffering at the same level as Muslims because they are Palestinians,” he said.

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Israel forces have been occupying Palestine since the 1940s. The Israeli government has been on a quest to influence its Jewish religion and traditions in the state of Palestine.

Each year, hundreds of Palestinians die fighting the Israeli forces mainly on the Gaza strip and Jerusalem.

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