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Pomona City Takes Shape


THE face of Harare is never going to be the same with the upmarket residential construction works at Pomona City being developed by property mogul and award winning developer Mr Ken Sharpe.

The Pomona lifestyle estate is part of West Property vision that will witness the laying of one billion bricks by 2050 and creating a customer centric lifestyle to live, work, play and shop. So far more than five million bricks have been laid. The journey continues.

On Monday 17 October, the premier housing development company unveiled its signature entrance gate that will herald the development as a gated and safe community.

The development abutting the Wingate Golf Course has 500 residential stands of which more than half have already been bought.

The mixed use residential estate has a shopping centre, schools, a park, club house and church sites. The churches are situated on Church Avenue.

An excited Mr Sharpe had this to say: “As the CEO of WestProp, I am very excited about the upcoming ground breaking of phase 1, B and C. It is the largest section of stands that we have released in a city within a city”.

Pomona is a city with the aspects of a city where you can live, work and play.

“We believe in executing excellence where we under promise but over deliver,” he said.

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Mr Sharpe will give the keynote address during the ground breaking ceremony that will be captured live on the company’s social media platforms.

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