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Professor Jonathan Moyo’s innovative public engagement strategy

By Trevor Makonyonga

The Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Professor Jonathan Moyo, on Thursday engaged the general public on social networking sites where he answered various political questions posed to him.

In his capacity as Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment in the previous government, Hon Saviour Kasukuwere used to host discussions on twitter and facebook as a way of engaging the youth on Sundays between 6pm and 8pm.

Professor Jonathan Moyo was on Twitter from 1700hr to 1900  on Thursday 19th February 2015 as he allowed people to ask him any question pertaining anything in a platform he called tweetface using the hashtag #AskProfJNMoyo.

He tweeted, “Hi tweetmates. Thanks for the great response re: our Thursday no holds barred tweetface. All systems go.”

Professor Moyo responded to some critical questions about the country which include media laws, broadcast licensing, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and various other questions.

Here are some of the questions and answers that were shared during the tweetface.

Tinashe R. Masawi : Where are we with resuscitating our ZBC and what happened to Mr Muchechetere after the (US) $1.1m?”

Prof Moyo:  We’ve gone pretty far with restructuring ZBC after KPMG Zim submitted audit and turnaround report. Muchechetere case (is) underway.”


Godwin Dzangare: I don’t know if it’s true about you Sir being the co-founder of Pax Afro. If so please clarify and where is it (Pax Afro)?

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Prof Moyo: Pax Afro was a project and projects come and go. Its purpose was to demonstrate the strength of local talent for local content.


Lizwe Chitanganya: Sir, why do our leaders prefer foreign hospitals/schools without improving local institutions? How much is being done to improve?

Prof Moyo: Good question. Even ordinary people now go to India. This is why revamping our health infrastructure is a ZimAsset priority.


Gibson Nyambayo: Are you a political turncoat? At one time you were anti-Mugabe (but) now you praise and worship him. What are you really?

Prof Moyo: Only donkeys are consistent. Which politician do you know in the world who does not fit your definition of turncoat?


Masimba Biriwasha: When will government make information adequately available via the internet?

Prof Moyo: when we can assure the security of information and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.


Mushongera: Why is it that ZBC is not serious about changing from analogue to digital in this day and era when the equipment was donated longback?

Prof Moyo: The change needed lots of money when the economy was down. No equipment was donated for this. But we are ready now.


Elton Kufandada: Backyard poultry production is the livelihood of many Zimbabweans. This policy of banning it (why ban backyard poultry production. (Are there) any jobs to replace it?

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Prof Moyo: Agreed. Banning is a knee-jerking reaction based on the values of the old economy in a new economy whose rules are only emerging.


Simba Namusi: Are you aware that ZBC has neglected or failed to pay pensions to employees that left the organisation in the past 6 years?

Prof Moyo: Yes I am aware and this is a very serious matter that we have asked the ZBC board to resolve without further delay.


Lenon Rwizi: I am personally concerned with the quality of media productions, both radio and TV. Is there anything being done?

Prof Moyo: We have a staff challenge: We need to retrain, retrench and recruit staff while keeping abreast with innovations at large.


ME: Why won’t the government legalise random demonstrations? Will POSA (Public Order and Security Act) ever be overwritten?

Prof Moyo: The new constitution legalises lawful but not random demonstrations and the constitution is the fundamental law of the land.

The above are some of the tweets shared between a section of the public and Professor Moyo. More answers can be found on @ProfJNMoyo on twitter.

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