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Puma Energy Invests $3 Million in Expanding Zimbabwe Aviation Fuel Facility

Puma Energy is doubling down on its commitment to Zimbabwe, investing an additional $3 million to expand its aviation fuel storage facility in Harare.

On Monday, Puma Energy inaugurated an expanded jet fuel depot at Robert Gabriel Mugabe (RGM) International Airport, further cementing its role in Zimbabwe’s energy sector.

“We believe this will significantly increase the country’s aviation fuel storage capacity, ensuring a reliable supply to meet the growing demands of the aviation industry,” said Donatien Kodog, General Manager of Puma Energy Zimbabwe, during the commissioning ceremony.

Last year, Puma Energy pledged a substantial $30 million investment over three years to solidify its presence in Zimbabwe, reaffirming its long-term commitment to the nation.

“Our investment into this expanded storage facility is part of Puma Energy Zimbabwe’s larger commitment to inject $30 million into the Zimbabwean market over the next three years. This demonstrates our dedication to supporting Zimbabwe’s economic growth and development,” Kodog added.

Established in 2015, the RGM International Airport jet fuel depot initially had a storage capacity of 232,000 liters. To meet the rising demand for jet fuel, the capacity was increased to 490,000 liters in 2019.

Now, the depot boasts a storage capacity of 1.49 million liters, achieved at a cost of $2.2 million. This investment, along with the acquisition of a third refueler valued at $800,000, totals Puma Energy’s $3 million commitment to Zimbabwe. The depot serves numerous clients, including Air Zimbabwe, British Airways, Kenya Airways, and Ethiopian Airways.

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“Today, our storage capacity stands proudly at 1.49 million liters, and nearly ten years later, we currently employ 15 personnel on-site. Additionally, we have acquired a third refueler valued at $800,000. Our total investment amounts to $3 million, showcasing our dedication to investing in Zimbabwe,” emphasized Kodog.

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Joshua Sacco highlighted the critical role of the transport industry’s complex value chain, emphasizing the importance of infrastructure investments.

“Each party plays a vital role in facilitating economic growth. A well-functioning transport system serves as the backbone of trade and commerce, facilitates tourism, attracts investment, and fosters job creation. It is the lifeline that connects businesses, communities, and markets, driving progress and development. We therefore commend Puma Energy Zimbabwe for leading by example and investing in infrastructure and services that are paramount for the successful realization of Vision 2030,” said Sacco.

With a network of 50 service stations across the country and a presence at four airports, Puma Energy Zimbabwe continues to make strides in ensuring fuel security and promoting economic growth in Zimbabwe.

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