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PWDs Embrace Climate Change Mitigation Initiative

EcoEthics Global Movement, a non-governmental organization founded by US-based young climate change activist, Madhvi Chittoor last week held a tree planting exercise in commemoration of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

The commemorations for Tree Planting Day was held by EcoEthics Zimbabwe in partnership with the Forest Commission and the City of Harare on Saturday 3rd of December at Harare Gardens and participants from Kenya, Nigeria, Siera Leon, Zambia, India, Bangladesh and USA joined the live proceedings via the zoom platform.

Speaking during the event, the Founder of the EcoEthics Movement, Madhvi Chittoor, said it is crucial to include persons with disabilities in climate action programmes so as to achieve climate justice.

“This year, we decided to prioritize persons with disabilities in our climate action programmes after realizing that they were being left out in many areas of the environment, by doing so we are trying to achieve climate justice and as EcoEthics Movement, we shall continue to include them in our future programmes.”

Henry Kane, Co-Founder of ThisAbility Disabled Persons Organization expressed happiness over the involvement of disability communities in environmental programmes, he said, the International Day for Persons with Disabilities was celebrated with a difference this year.

”Persons with disabilities have been remembered, this becomes the first time that we have been included in matters of the environment and on that note, I wish to commend the EcoEthics Movement for including us in this year’s tree planting.”

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Speaking at the same event, Forest Commission Board Chairperson, Commissioner Veronica Gundu-Jakarasi commended EcoEthics Global Movement for championing disability inclusion in the Tree Planting programme.

“I would like to commend EcoEthics Movement for championing disability inclusion in this year’s Tree Planting Day, I am very delighted to see persons with disabilities taking part in such programmes as it as a good gesture for everyone.”

Gundu added that, over the years, persons with disabilities were left out both in Environment and Climate Action programmes but this time around the Movement has made a difference.

The International Day for Persons with Disabilities is celebrated on the 3rd of December on annual basis and this merely coincides with Tree Planting Day which is commemorated on the 4th of December.

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