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African Countries Urged To Revitalize Teaching Profession.


African countries have been urged to revitalize the teaching profession to ensure quality and relevance at all levels in the  education sector.

Speaking at a consultative workshop, Coordinator of the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA), Makha Ndao said it is important to note that the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA) 16-25 is a key operational strategy for delivering on the goals and aspirations for Africa’s Agenda 2063.

“The Africa we want especially for a well – educated citizens and skills revolution is underpinned by science, technology and innovation for a knowledge society.

“24 African ministers signed the Ministerial Declaration that re affirmed their commitment to revitalize and transform the continent’s education system to achieve structural transformations, inclusive growth and sustainable development,” said Ndao.

UNESCO Deputy Director of Institute for Lifelong Learning ,Dr Carolyn Medel Anonuevo  concurred the same thoughts saying the teaching profession should be revitalized and given as much attention.


This can also be done by support of the introduction of teacher professional standards.

“Infrastructure and policies that ensure a stress free and conducive learning environment for all should be implemented as well as ICT to improve access and quality management.

“Introduction of teacher professional standards includes improving the performance and standing of teachers, and standards contribute to the on-going learning of teachers.” said Anonuevo.

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African Education ministries face many challenges which include teacher resistance, ministerial changes, conflicting interests at national level thus lack of prioritization and political will.

In addition limited technical capacity, Absence of professional board, Finances, budget, resources and implementation challenge: alignment between pre-service and in-service standards.


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