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Shinsoman Detours From Zimdancehall

After not doing so well on his previous album, Tinashe “Shinsoman” Anthony has probably found his way back with the 11 tracked “Maziva Ndadzoka,” a delivery set to upset Zimdancehall landscape.

Like Killer T’s Mashoko Anopfuura, Shinso’s Maziva Ndadzoka takes a detour from hardcore Zimdancehall, to adopt a Naija music feel, especially on its beats, something which the street jury is yet to decide on whether to trash it or set on repeat, although it is relatively a good delivery.

Key highlights on the album that may be easy sing along include Pachedu,Why Worry, Maziva Ndadzoka and  Pamai Debhura which features Roki.

The album has up to 5 collaborations, one with Souljah Love on Mamero, Dobba Don on Vakanonoka,Fire Manak on Mamino Mamino, Roki on Pamai Debhura and Jxb Xklsv on Bamunini.

His offering comes on a week when Zimdancehall heavyweights Seh Calaz and Souljah Love will be reigniting their feud as they are set to release albums on the same.

It will be a good treat for music lovers to take and digest on as they step into the last quarter of 2018.


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