Dobba Don Cries For Deliverance From Drug Addiction

Embattled Zimdancehall musician, Dobba Don has taken to social media seeking deliverance from drug addiction  which is fast derailing his life.

In a now deleted Facebook post, Dobba Don bemoaned his addiction problem saying it is divorcing him from his persona and ability to produce good music.

“Ndichango pepereka nenyika zvimwe ndizvo zvakanyorwa mubhuku rehupenyu, Asi hupenyu wazondi rwadza handichazvidi izvi I need help. Zvonzi wawanza madrugs hayisi secret I’m not okay I’ve been in the streets everyday starving drug addiction iri pandiri i need rehab,’ he said.

(My life is tormenting me and I can’t keep with it anymore, I need help. It’s true I’m struggling with drug addiction and it’s affecting my revenue streams to a point that I’m starving)

He added that no one has come forward to help and he now prefers to die than continue at the current trajectory.

“Kusekwa nhamo nemunhu wese vakadzvokora zviri nani kuzorora. Nzara yaruma. I’ve lost focus on myself musically and personally.I’m not bringing anything to the table. In as much I’ve tried to but zvandiremera. Kana Mwari vakada izvozvo ndizvo hazvo kuti madrugs ondiparadza inini asi izvi handichazvida zvanditambudza. Iyoyo nzara yaruma,” said the singer.

(People would rather laugh at me than help with my struggles, I’d rather rest (die). I’ve lost focus on myself musically and personally. I’m not bringing anything to the table. If God wishes to let me go this way then that’s it but I’m tired)

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