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Enzo Ishall Pens A Note In Memory Of Souljah Love

Embattled Zimdancehall chanter, Enzo Ishall has penned a heartfelt note to the late musical genius, Souljah Love who succumbed to diabetes earlier this year.

Taking to social media, Enzo, who has been making waves following his announcement that he will be resigning from music due to some personal woes, said the late singer played a critical role in his uprise.

“I remain loyal …. 2015 you and Bounty lisa took me in to nature and teach me every formular that you knew,you treated me and Jah Child like your own sons ,you told me to learn from you like how learned when you were stayin with Roki. I had to go back home to focus on my studies but those 3months were the most important,” Enzo said.

He added that even at a time when no one would take Jah Love seriously, he went back to him for advice on how to navigate the highly competitive and ever-evolving music industry.

“When i blew up i came to ask for advice nyangwe vaiti arikupenga,and all you said is “be everything that i told you you could be” I hope you are proud where ever you are Sauro. Only a few know our story,i wish could tell it to everyone. I miss you mukoma and i will always love you my Genaral, i remain loyal,” wrote the singer.

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