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12 months in prison for solar panel thief

A 23-year-old Epworth man was slapped with a 12 months prison sentence for stealing his neighbour’s solar panel.

Harare Magistrate, Batanai Madzingiro found Silvester Maunde guilty of theft before slapping him with a 12 months jail sentence, three of which were suspended since the accused was a first offender.

The court heard that sometimes in September 2016, the complainant, Memory Chikova, was sleeping in her house at night when she heard noise from the roof.  Upon waking up, the complainant saw Maunde on top of her house and called her neighbours who helped to chase Maunde.

Chikova told the court that, the accused dropped the solar and tried to hide from the people chasing him by climbing a tree. Maunde was caught and taken to the police leading to his arrest.

The property which was stolen is worthy US$240 and nothing was recovered.

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