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Stop Bussing School Children To Political Gatherings: Govt Told

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has raised concern over abuse of school children by politicians who bus them to attend political gatherings saying parents should seek to approach the constitutional court to stop such actions that compromise their right to education.

Speaking during a Crisis in Zimbabwe Coordination meeting in Harare on Tuesday, Pride Mkono of ARTUZ complained about rampant abuse of school children by politicians adding that government was failing to define basic education as it is now forcing grade sevens pupils to pay examinations fees.


Mkono also called for parents to approach the courts to stop the behaviour which he termed barbaric.

“Parents should consider approaching the constitutional court to stop this rot, students are being abused by politicians, and they are forced to attend rallies where they are exposed to different things ‘said Mkono

He castigated the education amendment bill saying that the government was failing to identify what it needed to do, taking a swipe at the government for failing to define basic education.

“The government has failed to define basic education, ECD pupils pay school fees and levy, O level students  pay exam fees and now grade 7 pupils will be paying exam fees,” added Mkono.


He called on Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition through its stakeholders to organise a meeting where parents will be educated on the issues affecting their children in schools.

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“CIZC through its members should organize a parents rally so that parents will be informed and educated on issues affecting their children in schools,” said Mkono.

ARTUZ Secretary General Robson Chere lampooned the new curriculum which he said is not well resourced to meet its own demands especially in the rural areas where teachers are not well informed about the changes.

“The rural schools also fail to retain and attract quality teachers and are usually manned by in experienced, under qualified and de-motivated teachers” said Chere.

He said government was so reluctant to develop infrastructure in schools which works against the new curriculum as it emphasize on use of technology yet some rural schools do not have electricity and laboratories.

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