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Stunner, Shadaya Boxing Match On The Cards

Gospel music rapper, Mudiwa Hood has pledged to sponsor a boxing match between relationship coach Shadaya Knight and hip-hop artist Desmond “Stunner” Chideme.

Writing on Twitter, Mudiwa said he will approach the two with the proposal where the boxers will earn 50% of the profits.

“I am so interested in sponsoring a celeb fight, 50% of the proceeds after recovering back my money, i am willing pay school fees for university students facing challenges with fees. Who would you want to see in the ring ? Shadaya and Stunner…I will give them an offer & we see?”

Though the two are yet to confirm their commitment, there may be a slim chance of the fight materialising due to a couple of reasons.


The fight may end up being more personal than just a fun encounter as, in his relationship tips, otherwise known as the red pill, Shadaya always makes Stunner an ideal example of what a failed man looks like. He has even described Stunner as a 40 year old teenager something.

Against this background, Shadaya may decide to stay away as Stunner will be looking for blood.

Also, the age gap between the two may give Stunner some cold feet in fear of losing the match to a kid.

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