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US$17 000 Tombstone for Cde Chinx


ZANU PF linked company, Munhumutapa Royal Charter has donated a US$17 000 tombstone in honor of the late revolutionary music icon Dickson Chinx Chingaira.

In an interview with 263Chat, ZANU PF, Director for Business Development and Liaison, Francis Hungwe said the tombstone is part of the Munhumutapa Royal Charter’s corporate social responsibility which will be extended to other liberation war heroes.

“With reference to the tombstone for our provincial hero, Cde Chinx Dickson Chingaira, this is one of cooperate social responsibility that have been done by Ngoda Granite which deals with granite products.

“They said to us as party members they cannot have Cde Chinx being celebrated by someone else so let the party members and SMEs give the Chingaira family a tombstone because we believe in what Cde Chinx stood for, to the last minute and we believe in his ideology and we want to celebrate him even if he is no longer present.

“So Ngoda Granites came in and gave the tombstone to the family, so they worked together with them in terms of designs to the stage they have worked with the party to say this is what we are doing for comrade Chinx,” said Hungwe.

Meanwhile the National President for the Munhumutapa Royal Charter, Ephraim Chizola said as their gesture will be extended to other gallant sons and daughters and not Cde Chinx only.

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“As a business department in ZANU PF, we donated a tombstone which is valued at $17 000 to the Chingaira family in honor of our gallant son and we are saying, we are not doing this only to Chingaira family will extend it other gallant sons and daughters who fought tirelessly for us to have our independence in Zimbabwe,” said Chizola.

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