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‘Vaccines Cementing Relations Between Zim And China’

The delivery of the second batch of COVID-19 vaccines is a confirmation of the great friendship and solidarity between China and Zimbabwe Chinese Ambassador Guo Shaochun has said.

Speaking at the Robert Mugabe International airport after receiving the second consignment, Shaochun said Zimbabwe was among the earliest countries to receive vaccine donations from Asian giant.

“This is the most powerful interpretation of the great friendship and militant solidarity between our two countries and our two peoples. We are comrades, brothers, friends, and partners. We both believe in national independence and liberty; we both believe in sovereignty, equality, and fairness; we both believe in solidarity and mutual support. We see the world as one community where our lives are linked with that of others,” he said.

Ambassador Guo said China is prepared to discuss with other countries the feasibility and protocols for mutual recognition of vaccination.


“China is a steadfast advocate for equitable vaccine distribution. We have joined COVAX, under which China has undertaken to provide an initial 10 million doses for emergency use in developing countries. So far, we have donated or are donating COVID-19 vaccines to 69 developing countries in urgent need, and is exporting vaccines to 43 countries.

“Responding to a UN appeal, we have donated vaccines to peacekeepers from various countries. We are also ready to work with the International Olympic Committee to provide vaccines to Olympians. It is our hope that Chinese vaccines will inject more confidence and hope into the global fight against the virus,” he said.

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The consignment has a total of 344 000 doses, consisting of the second Chinese donation of 200 000 doses plus the first 144 000 doses of Zimbabwe’s commercial order with Sinopharm.

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