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We Have No Capacity To Pay Geogenix: City Of Harare

City of Harare has repeated its earlier position that it has no capacity to pay Geogenix for the garbage delivered at Pomona Dumpsite and have requested a meeting with Local government minister July Moyo to explain their incapacity.

Speaking to journalists after a full council meeting at Town House on Monday, Mayor Councilor Jacob Mafume gave government the greenlight to pay Geogenix using devolution funds due to the municipality.

“We are still in a position where we are faced with incapacity to pay in terms of the initial terms of the contract,” said Mafume.


He added that the municipality is ceased with other critical issues including workers who are demanding to be paid in United States dollars just like other government workers.

“We need to go back to the minister and explain the position that we are still in a position of being unable to pay because of poverty of council that is illustrated by the fact that we are struggling with employees who are demanding, before I came into this meeting, the union leaders were wanting to meet me first saying they also want US dollars because government employees have got US dollars, so there is a challenge in terms of paying salaries among others,” added Mafume.

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He further reported that a council delegation will meet the local government minister to explain their position noting that their previous communications were through letters only.

“So there was a delegation that was proposed that will write to the minister to go and say these things, I think the challenge that is happening is that we simply writing each other letters whereas we are also supposed to meet,” said Mafume.

City of Harare entered into an agreement with Geogenix BV for the construction of US$400 Million Pomona Waste to Energy plant but the deal has raised stink among residents who feel it benefits the Netherlands based entity at the expense of the city.

Geogenix has already started demanding payment for waste disposed at the site since they moved in to start working which has resulted in a dispute that July Moyo has tried to intervene by forcing the municipality to pay.

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