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We will deal with Pastor Evan: Zanu PF youths


Zanu PF youths have threatened to descend on anti-government protesters, who recently spearheaded the #ShutdownZimbabwe campaign demanding that President Robert Mugabe should address social and economic challenges currently prevailing in the country.

Thousands of Zanu PF supporters gathered at party headquarters for the launch of Zanu PF housing project. Speaker after speaker took time to denounce Pastor Evan.



Addressing party supporters, Zanu PF Youth National Political Commissar, Innocent Hamandishe, pleaded with the police to take action against both Tajamuka-Sesijikile  and Pastor Evan Mawarire of #Thisflag.

“Pane vakuda kutyisidzira President wedu vana Tajamuka. Tiri kuti VaChihuri chimboendai parutivi tishande ne Tajamuka.Hakuna munhu anotyisa President wedu,” said Hamandishe. (There are those rogue elements who want to scare our president like the guys from Tajamuka. We are urging the police general Chihuri to step aside and leave us to deal with the Tajamuka. No one should scare our president)

“Tiri kukuonai VanaMawarire chingoitai opposition party yenyu kwete kuda kuhwanda ne church,” Hamandishe said. (We are watching you Mawarire, just form your own opposition party rather than hide behind the bible, come out in the open and declare your ambitions.)

He added that Zanu PF youths will thwart any future protests as they are willing to defend the party and its leadership from any ‘forces against an elected government’

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His comments come a day after president Mugabe labelled the clergyman a western sponsored force who is advocating for regime change.

Mugabe said Pastor Evan’s actions contradict those of the bible which advocate for peace but he has been urging people to engage in violent protests.

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