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West Properties Heeds Government Call on Sustainable

Leading property developer West Property Company has heeded the call by Zimbabwean government to invest in sustainable housing and properties.

Housing and human settlements minister Daniel Garwe said gone are the days when housing was just a building with a roof.“

“As a government, we at one point sent our engineers and architects to Egypt as early as the beginning of next year so that they get training and come back with skills and impart those skills to those left at home. We are pleased with companies such as West Properties which is home grown and implementing sustainable developments,” he said.

“This has helped reduce the influx of foreign companies coming to take over our construction space because we now have knowledge and exposure in the adoption and application of new technologies in housing delivery,” Garwe added.

According to West Properties chief executive officer Ken Sharpe, the company adheres to sustainable initiatives in property development.

Sustainable development is an essential component of modern society, and it is imperative for businesses to integrate sustainable practices into their operations.

West Property Company, a property development firm in Zimbabwe, is leading the way by implementing several sustainable initiatives that minimize the company’s environmental impact while promoting eco-friendliness in the property sector.

“One of West Property’s key initiatives is the development of “green” lifestyle estates that prioritize environmental sustainability.

In their projects such as Millennium Heights, Warren Hills Lifestyle Estate, Millennium Park and Pomona City, the company has incorporated green spaces and vertical gardens into their town planning and architectural designs,” Sharpe said.

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The properties feature up to 80% open spaces, parks, lakes, natural recreational spaces, communal gardens, and fitness centres, making them ideal for residents looking for a trusted ecosystem to live, work, play, and shop Energy efficiency is another area where West Property is committed to minimizing its environmental impact.

The company has implemented energy-efficient practices in all its properties, including the use of LED lighting, solar and gas water heaters, and good heat insulators like PP-r pipes.

The apartments have reticulated gas while the Millennium Heights has solar IPP, allowing for all communal power requirements, including lighting, installed energy-efficient inverter booster pumps, and boreholes to run autonomously off the grid.

This reduces the company’s dependency on the national grid and promotes energy independence.


Waste management is another critical area where West Property has implemented sustainable initiatives.

The company supports waste reduction programs across its properties, including recycling and composting initiatives and separate waste disposal at the source.

West Property’s team members participate in clean-up campaigns, not only within their developments but also in their surrounding areas that are in need.

The company is currently building its first bio-digestor in Pomona City, which will naturally decompose sewerage waste through a process of aeration that produces water suitable for irrigation of all green spaces, further enhancing natural recharge and reducing the dependency on the City of Harare sewerage reticulation infrastructure.

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Water conservation is also a priority for West Property, and the company has implemented water conservation programs across its properties.

Low-flow toilets and faucets and drought-resistant landscaping are installed in all the properties, while a stormwater harvesting program will soon be rolled out at Millennium Heights to reuse storm water.

Additionally, the company will install a black and greywater recycling plant to utilize the water for irrigation of green areas.West Property also uses sustainable building practices in all its new construction projects.

Sustainable building materials and design features are used to reduce energy consumption and promote natural lighting.

The company also employs a network of sensors and data-driven systems that provide real-time information on everything from traffic to air quality, promoting optimal energy usage and conservation.

West Property is setting an excellent example for other property developers to follow.

Their sustainable initiatives, which focus on environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, and sustainable building practices, demonstrate the company’s commitment to minimizing their environmental impact.

The company is not only building communities but also enhancing the quality of life for the people who inhabit them.

It is heartening to see that there are businesses out there that prioritize sustainability and show that economic development and environmental protection can go hand in hand.

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