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Wilkins Hospital On Lock Down: Corona Virus Suspected Case In Zim

Epidemiology and Disease Control (Ministry of Health and Child Care) Director Dr Portia Manangazira has confirmed the first suspected case of corona virus in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to a local publication Manangazira indicated that the case is of a 27-year-old woman who is being held in quarantine at Wilkins Hospital.

“She was in Wuhan and passed through Guangzhou where she was certified to be Coronavirus negative and has a certificate to show for it,”said Manangazira.
“When she arrived we were aware that she was coming because the Chinese authorities had alerted us and we took the precautionary steps of putting her in isolation. She is currently being monitored by a team of experts, including Chinese physicians. We will keep the nation updated,”

Meanwhile, Head of City Health Department, Prosper Chonzi, said Wilkins Hospital has transferred its patients to Beatrice Infectious Disease Hospital in order to pave way for corona virus patients.


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