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Workers’ Rights Dispute at Waverley Blankets


Waverley Blankets employees have raised concerns over changes to their employment contracts, leading to a standoff with management.

Speaking to Newsday, one worker revealed, “We lodged a complaint with the employer that they could no longer work as contract workers anymore before we closed for the December holidays.”

According to reports, management informed workers via a notice on the company’s bulletin board that failure to sign the new contracts by January 15, 2024, would result in barring them from the premises.

Despite approaching the National Employment Council (NEC), which ruled in their favor, ordering reinstatement and back payment for the time they were locked out, the company has not complied.

Expressing frustration, a worker stated, “The workers then approached NEC and NEC handled the case and declared that the workers be reinstated in their positions adding that they should be given their salaries and any other benefits for the period they were locked out of the premises. The workers came back with their papers from NEC last Friday but the employer did not let them in anyway.”

Furthermore, many employees claim they have not received wages for January and February, exacerbating their situation. Despite attempts to reach Aaron Vico, the managing director, for comment, he remained unavailable.

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NewsDay visited Waverley’s premises where workers’ representatives declined to speak to the press, citing lack of authorization.

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