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Young Farmers Advocate for Agroecology in Climate Change Adaptation

In a bid to address the pressing issues of climate change and its impact on agriculture, young farmers convened at a symposium held in Harare last Friday amid calls for policy on agroecology practices.

Held under the theme, “Youth Empowerment for Climate Justice in Zimbabwe: Harnessing the Power of Agro-ecology for Climate Resilience in Zimbabwe during the El Nino season and beyond,” the symposium, organized by Young Volunteers for Environment and PELUM Zimbabwe, aimed to amplify the voices of young farmers and empower them to play a more significant role in shaping policies related to climate resilience and sustainable agriculture.

Mellisa Takudzwa Murwira, the executive director of Young Volunteers for Environment, highlighted the importance of the symposium.

“In this era of El Nino, it is imperative to explore how agroecology can mitigate the impacts of climate change. By bringing together young farmers from across the country, we aimed to gather insights, ideas, and challenges faced by youth in agriculture,” said Murwira

The symposium provided a platform for young farmers to share their experiences and advocate for the adoption of agroecological practices.  Nothando Maketo, a young farmer from Shurugwi, emphasized the significance of organic farming in adapting to climate change.

“Organic farming is the way to go as a way of adapting to climate change,” Maketo said, urging fellow young farmers to embrace agroecology.

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Farirai Jemwa, programmes officer for PELUM Zimbabwe, stressed the importance of incorporating youth perspectives into policy-making processes.

“We wanted to hear what the youths in agriculture want, and we want to use their input as an action point of moving forward in terms of promoting agroecology,” Jemwa said.

The culmination of the symposium resulted in the drafting of a document containing recommendations and insights gathered from young farmers.

The document, Murwira said will be forwarded to the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture with the aim of influencing policy decisions and ensuring the inclusion of youth voices in climate change adaptation strategies.

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