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ZAA, ZWIPA in 16 days and nights demo against Govt

Zimbabwe Activists Alliance,(ZAA) and Zimbabwe Women In Politics Alliance, (ZWIPA) have joined hands in what they refer to as ‘16 days and 16 nights of occupying Africa Unit square’ demanding social justice from the government.

ZAA and ZWIPA are Zimbabwean human rights activists groups which advocate for the rights of the people.

Founder and National coordinator of ZAA, Linnet Mudewe said during the 16 days and nights they will be raising issues which are affecting the country

“We are occupying Africa Unit Square for 16 days and 16 nights to tell the government that we need good governance,” she said adding that they will keep on raising their concerns until  government responds to plights that the country is facing.

Mudewe said they have 16 grievances and each day they will be tackling one grievance until their plights are  heard.

“We are going to give our demands each day, like the issue of bond notes which was introduced to us without consultation,” said Mudewe.

Mudewe also said some of the demands include the need to act upon the country’s deteriorating health issue, food shortages which is starting to soar in supermarkets as well as the issue of continues citizens abduction.


Similarly , another ZAA member, Davis Mukushwa said that the fear to speak out and stand is the reason why Zimbabweans are suffering.

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“There comes a time when silence is tantamount to betrayal, we cannot watch as the country head to the end because of the fear to speak out,” said Mukushwa while urging Zimbabweans to stand up and air their grievances.

Echoing the above sentiments, ZWIPA founder and National coordinator Linda Tsungirirai Musariri also said that the government must respond to the 16 days and nights of occupying Africa Unit square because the situation in the country has reached an alarming point.

“The situation in the country now needs an immediate response, government must respond to our call because people are suffering,” she said

Musariri also said that they will not leave  the place until government responds to their call and start addressing some of the challenges the country is facing.

Through the  demonstration, the two pressure groups are calling  justice in the country.

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