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Zanu PF MP Allegedly Threatens Employee with Rifle Over Farm Dispute

Zanu PF Member of Parliament for Hurungwe East, Chenjerai Kangausaru has once again drawn attention after it was reported that he allegedly threatened his employer with a rifle at his farm during a misunderstanding in April this year.

According to a statement seen by this publication, Vunganai Kufa, a 52-year-old General Hand, alleges that the legislator accused him of allowing a tractor driver, identified only as Mike, to cut down trees on the farm.

Part of the statement read,

“On the 22nd of April 2024 around 1400 hours, I was at Chitonga farm and at the fields where I was chasing birds from sorghum. Accused person called me and told me that we have a meeting in his dining.

“In the dining was the accused, his wife and one Matenga who resides at the next farm. He started asking why I am letting one Mike the tractor driver cutting down trees in the farm. I told the accused that I don’t have any idea of the cutting down of trees because Mike is seeing the foreman whom I know as Baba Brenda before cutting the trees. Accused person then threatens (sic) to fire wire for being irresponsible. He asked me to go back to where I come from and that I will come and harvest my crops coming from my home. I told him that I am originally from Shurugwi hence its impossible for me to be coming from Shurugwi just to harvest my crops in Tengwe.

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“A misunderstanding arose between the two us as we continue exchanging words. Accused person took a riffle which was on the sofa and hold it in his right hand and asked me to go out of the house. He just held the riffle to his right hand but did not point at me so I did not recognize what type of riffle it was. He asked me to call in one Kudakwashe who used to be his driver. I went outside of the house and called Kudakwashe to go in as was asked by the accused. They spent about 30 minutes inside the house and they came out together with his wife. They got into the car to leave but I went to his car and demanded for my outstanding payment. He promised to send me through ecocash but he did not…” read Kufa’s statement recorded at CID Law and Order Karoi Base

He added that he only wanted Kangausaru to pay his outstanding balance and some bags of fertilisers.

“What I really want from the accused is to pay my outstanding balance $25 and 13 bags of fertilizer as we had agreed before I started working for him,” he stated

This is not the first time Kangausaru has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Recently, he was fined and court-ordered to vacate Chitonga Farm, which he had unlawfully occupied using forged documents.

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