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Zanu PF  Youths ‘threaten’ People First supporters

Zanu PF youths have embarked on a blitzkrieg campaign meant to frustrate Zimbabwe People First, (ZPF) supporters in Glen Norah,Harare.

ZPF, a new political outfit fronted by former vice President Joyce Mujuru who was booted out of Zanu PF for attempting to topple Mugabe, is said to be Mugabe and Zanu PF’s nagging headache.

Scores of people who reside in Glen Norah confirmed that Zanu PF youths have this embarked on a camping that is meant to victimize Zimbabwe People First sympathisers.

“It is true that Zanu PF youths have embarked on a project that is meant to monitor the activities of anyone who joins or willing to join ZPF,” said a source who spoke on conditions of anonymity.

He added that the youths are jotting down the names of those who sympathize with ZPF, but could not divulge more on where the names were being taken to.

Another, Glen Norah resident, affiliated to ZPF told 263chat  that she now lives in fear.

“I’m one of the people whose names have been jotted down. I’m afraid that we will be victimised for rallying behind Mai Mujuru.

“I foresee the 2008 violence descending on all those who are anti Zanu PF,” she said.


Some residents have since opted to relocate until the prevailing situation calms.

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“I’m now opting to go to my rural village because the youths have vowed that anyone with links to Mai Mujuru will be tortured,” said Alice Mutero, a Glen Norah resident.

Zimbabwe People First Spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo said such campaigns were not new to Zanu PF as it has always employed torturer tactics to frustrate opposition supporters.

“Zanu PF is well known for its brutal tactics meant to threaten opposition supporters,” he said adding that Zanu PF won’t stand a chance against ZPF in 2018.

However Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo repudiated the allegations saying he was not aware of such a development.

“I cannot comment on that because I’m not aware of it and no one has ever informed us on that,” he said.

He added that those who are being threatened should go and report  the matter to the police.

The Zanu PF national spokesperson said  for ZPF to think that they will pounce Zanu PF in 2018 elections is a joke of the century.

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