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ZETDC Speaks On Current Power Outages

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company (ZETDC) has informed the nation that the excessive load-shedding currently crippling the country have been caused by the removal of Hwange Unit 7 from the national grid.

In a statement, ZETDC said they were running the final evaluation phase on the Hwange Unit 7 station.

“The Hwange Unit 7 is still undergoing commissioning and our engineers have taken it off the grid for evaluation of all systems in preparation of the final phase of commissioning since performance guarantees test,” read the statement.

ZETDC further explained that the 300MW from the Hwange Unit 7 have been temporarily removed from the grid resulting in suppressed power generation that has seen the country going for over 12 hours without power.

Furthermore, ZETDC has assured the nation saying that power will be restored as soon as the evaluation phase is complete.

“The load-shedding is only temporary, power supplies are going to be restored back to normalcy in a few days and that the ZETDC engineers are working flat out towards that,” read the statement.

Power generation in the country has been on a steady increase with output reaching 1017 megawatts due to the upgraded Hwange Thermal Power Station which has been contributing to the bulk of it.

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Hwange Power Station’s Unit 7 which was successfully synchronized last month had not developed problems, and had been outputting at most 708 megawatts which significantly reduced the nation’s power outages for the past three weeks.

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