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ZIFFT calls for government intervention

By Nicholas Nhede

MASVINGO – The Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust has called upon the government to actively participate in the promotion of local filmmakers through the establishment of a government funded film promotion board.

The call by ZIFFT came after realisation that the film industry is being hindered from growing as a result of lack of funds.

In an interview with 263Chat recently, ZIFFT board member and director of Wezhira TV Edward Chombe said there is need for the government to set up a government funded film foundation whose objective would be to uplift local filmmakers.

The government is suppose to allocate funds in the Country’s National Budget to channel towards the promotion of local filmmakers as in the case of the South African government which directs a minimum of R105million per annum towards the promotion of filming through the South African National Video and Film Foundation said Chombe.


Local filmmakers are currently relying on funds from organisations like Culture Fund.

Chombe reiterated that there is also need for the government to promote the film culture amongst locals if there is to be an increase in local production.

“By establishing the film board, the government would also have promoted the film culture which is a vital need amongst filmmakers and the general public towards the growth of the industry,” said Chombe.

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Zimbabwe has witnessed a decline in the film industry as film makers fail to reach their full potential due to lack of funds to continue with production of more film projects and this is evidenced by the collapse of popular film and drama makers such as Sabhuku Vharazipi, Gringo and Studio 263’s.

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