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Zim Readies for 16th Sanganai Hlanganani World Tourism Expo

Zimbabwe is preparing to host the 16th edition of the Sanganai Hlanganani World Tourism Expo, a prestigious event that showcases the country’s diverse tourism offerings to a global audience. The expo will take place from 12 to 14 October 2023 at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair in Bulawayo, the country’s second-largest city.

The expo aims to promote Zimbabwe’s tourism excellence by highlighting its rich cultural heritage, exhilarating wildlife experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and unparalleled hospitality. The event will feature exhibitors from various sectors, including tour operators, accommodation establishments, wildlife reserves, adventure sports providers, and cultural organizations.

The expo will also provide a platform for networking and collaboration among industry professionals, such as local and international exhibitors, travel agents, tour operators, journalists, and government officials. The event will facilitate fruitful partnerships and drive growth in the tourism industry, with the objective of generating revenue, creating sustainable employment opportunities, and propelling Zimbabwe’s tourism sector forward.

Godfrey Koti, the Head of Corporate Affairs at the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, said: “One of the core objectives of this expo is to foster collaboration and networking opportunities among industry professionals. By serving as a meeting point for local and international exhibitors, travel agents, tour operators, journalists, and government officials, the event facilitates fruitful partnerships and drives growth in the tourism industry. Together, stakeholders aim to generate revenue, create sustainable employment opportunities, and propel Zimbabwe’s tourism sector forward.”

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He added: “This year’s edition of the Sanganai Hlanganani Expo is expected to attract visitors from around the globe, firmly establishing Zimbabwe on the international tourism map. By showcasing the country’s diverse attractions and investment opportunities, the expo provides a platform to attract international tourists and potential investors.”

The expo will also feature exchange programs, business match-ups, and B2B meetings to cultivate long-term partnerships in the tourism sector. Additionally, the expo will launch a comprehensive marketing campaign to raise awareness of Zimbabwe’s unique experiences and attractions. To ensure exceptional service delivery during the event, workshops, training programs, and quality assurance sessions are being organized to equip businesses with the necessary skills and knowledge.

The tourism industry is eagerly anticipating a successful and unforgettable event that will showcase Zimbabwe’s diverse tourism offerings, foster collaboration, and expand market reach. The expo stands as a catalyst for growth and development in the sector. The world awaits in eager anticipation to explore the wonders of Zimbabwe and discover the vast opportunities it offers to travellers and investors alike.

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