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Zimbabwean Youths View Elections with Pessimism: ZESN Report


Zimbabwean first-time voters, particularly those residing in marginalized communities, have been revealed to hold a pessimistic outlook towards the upcoming elections, according to the Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network (ZESN).

In a recent survey, ZESN disclosed that a majority of young people in marginalized communities were disinterested in participating in the electoral process. Their lack of enthusiasm stemmed from the perception that their chosen candidates were neglectful of their needs.

“The majority of youths in Zimbabwe’s marginalized communities exhibit apathy towards the impending elections, as they assert that their candidates are solely interested in garnering votes rather than fulfilling their promises,” reads the survey.

Election candidates, particularly members of parliament and local councillors, have been under intense scrutiny since 2018. Numerous political commentators argue that political messaging has been too narrow in marginalized societies, especially in mining towns.

Effie Ncube, a political analyst, expressed his views on Twitter, stating, “Political candidates seeking parliamentary representation in rural constituencies are opportunistic. Their campaigns are filled with galvanized satire, lacking the deep-rooted honesty needed for effective governance.”

Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya, the director of the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute, emphasized the importance of evaluating candidates based on their past performance. He stated, “Candidates’ promises should be measured against their actions in previous elections.”

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Young voters are urged to audit their candidates and scrutinize their previous statements. If the candidates continue to make the same promises without delivering on them, they should not be trusted.

Indications are that as the elections draw near, candidates in Zvishavane have resorted to bussing youths to rallies and engaging in community service. However, many young people remain sceptical of their intentions.

“We are witnessing their sudden appearances after five years. It is clear they only want our votes,” lamented a young informal trader from Zvishavane.

The prevailing sentiment among Zimbabwean youths regarding the upcoming elections is one of scepticism and disillusionment. The marginalized communities, in particular, demand candidates who prioritize their needs and demonstrate integrity, rather than engaging in empty rhetoric and short-term strategies aimed solely at winning votes.

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