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Zimbabweans React Angrily To Street Renaming


Following an announcement by Acting Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Mangaliso Ndlovu that the cabinet had sanction the renaming of public facilities and major roads in the country yesterday, Zimbabwean took to different social media platforms to blast the government for what they called “misplaced priorities”.

While government points out that the move is “a social engagement tool that fosters understanding, peace and unity in diversity,” some citizens believe government should first address the shambolic state of the country’s roads and many other pressing issues like doctors’ absence from duty.



“Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs how can cabinet deliberate on naming roads yet there are no doctors in hospitals, no electricity, no fuel,” said Garikai Goremusandu


In 2012, government renamed Fourth Street to Simon Mzenda Street but seven years later, adamant Zimbabweans have stuck to the old name, a culture that some feel will still continue.

“People will continue using those old names. Why not build new roads or dualize the old ones to give them a new look, then name them whatever they like,” said Rowland Muchegwa.
Some felt the late members of the opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) should also be honoured in a similar way.
“God let me leave another day and see first street or a highway renamed after Morgan Tsvangirai, some streets will be named after Susan Tsvangirai, Learnmore Judah Jongwe; Itai Dzamara and other real Cdes. Cdes like me will not be forgotten – Chancellor avenue-Fox Avenue,” said Twitter-user handle @FoxLion2028


“This is a diversion. We will not be moved. Instead of building new infrastructure you are busy naming roads built by Rhodesia. Pretending this renaming stunt is an achievement. This government has completely run out of ideas. They’ve failed. We need a revolution,” wrote Thandekile Moyo on Twitter.


Some of the newly named streets in Harare include Enterprise Road-ED Mnangagwa, Selous Avenue-John Landa Nkomo, Cameron Street-Joseph Musika, Kirkman Drive-Solomon Mujuru, Livingstone Avenue-Oliver Tambo, Charter Road-Fidel Castro and Five Avenue-Leonid Brezhnev.
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