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ZINASU Press Conference turns nasty as President Attempts “NIKUV”

Dozens of Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) members today disrupted a press conference that was organised by the organisation’s president.

Close to 30 demonstrators interrupted the press conference, urging the President to stop personalising the students’ movement.

The President who was supposed to present on the students response to the socio-economic crisis in Zimbabwe failed to read his statement after a bunch of students chanting, “where are the other members?” invaded the venue of the press conference.

“Zvatovharana hakusisina press conference vemedia rovai pasi, (it has ended members of the media you can go),” chanted one student.

Speaking to 263Chat the National Spokesperson of ZINASU Avoid Masiraha bemoaned the unconstitutional move by the president.

“The president organised the press conference without the knowledge of the Executive Members, this press conference is illegal and we are going to disrupt it,” angrily said Masiraha.

He went on to say that the president is supposed to inform all other members that the organisation is having a press conference and let the members know about issues that are to be discussed at the press conference.

Masiraha revealed that Mutubuki is trying to run the students movement as a partnership with his friends.

Listen to National Spokesperson of ZINASU Avoid Masiraha

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“He is creating a parallel structure opposed to the one that was elected on 16 November 2015.

“We are going to make sure that we rectify our challenge and sit down as the National Executive and map a way forward as well as  highlight the punitive measures we will take against Gilbert Mutubuki,” said Masiraha.

Mutubuki could not be reached for a comment as he had fled from fuming fellow members.

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