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ZSE Launches Training Institute

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Limited (ZSE) today launched the ZSE Training Institute, a center for specialized training of various capital markets subjects, 263Chat Business has learnt.

The institute is expected to help unpack capital markets in a country were equity trading is generally misunderstood.

In a statement by the ZSE, the institute will offer specialized training to stakeholders on various products and services that include listing requirements, process of investing on the stock exchange and preservation of value for investors among other subjects.

“The mandate of the ZSE Training Institute is to deliver specialized training to stakeholders on various capital markets subjects which include ZSE listing requirements, ZSE products and services, how companies can list and preserve value for investors and the general process of investing on the stock exchange,”

“The training institute has been designed with the different needs of capital market players in mind. As the ZSE, we have developed a multi-pronged delivery strategy encompassing online channels, customized training and seminars,” read the statement.

The Launch of the ZSE Training Institute was accompanied by the unveiling of the online training portal.

The Training Institute portal http://www.zsetraining.co.zw is a user friendly, online educational platform designed to promote financial education in the local capital markets.

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The portal includes features such as online bookings, online courses and investment resources with free courses on the general aspects of the capital markets.

Analysts have welcomed the development, saying it will help inculcate the culture of investing in stock markets which are perceived to be generally safer for long-term investment.


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